about us

established 2022

antigo child care center, inc.

Where children will experience an enriching and nurturing environment with an engaging curriculum that supports their development physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

“It has been shown that children who attend daycare are more prepared for school routines and learning. It is also suggested that children who spend time in a daycare setting are better adjusted to social settings and have increased social skills.”

-Wisconsin Department of Children and Families


we are currently in the process of beginning our YoungStar Quality Rating!


community partnerships

Partnering with local business and community leaders to develop plans for ongoing support and financing of the early childhood education system is a necessary next step to help reopen Wisconsin’s economy. It has become a public and community responsibility to provide this care and meet the need for our working families.

Tier 1: Unified School District of Antigo

Tier 3: Volm Companies